man doing effective HIIT workouts

Are HIIT Workouts Effective?

When it comes to weight loss, increasing stamina and endurance levels, and toning your body, HIIT exercise is by far the most effective exercise. The process is unlike the traditional ideas of spending an hour or so in the gym. No, your High-Intensity Interval Training … Read more

woman doing knee highs for HIIT for beginners

Does HIIT Work for Beginners?

The fact is most of are beginners with HIIT exercise because few people are using it, and fewer are doing it correctly. So, it’s natural and important to have and to ask questions about this High Intensity Interval Training. Besides wondering what it is, the … Read more

man doing HIIT sprints for exercise

What is HIIT Exercise?

Hight Intensity Interval training is nothing new these days. It’s called HIIT and has many advantages when it comes to fat loss, maintaining muscle mass and building endurance. When you hear people saying they’ve been doing HIIT for 40 minutes or an hour, you can … Read more

Best Smartwatches With Heart Rate Monitor

Best Smart Watches With a Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast at the gym or you just need to keep up with what your heart is doing, a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor keeps you up to date. These fitness watches can help you keep track of your heart rate … Read more

person relaxing how to build a workout routine

How To Build A Workout Routine

Working out without a routine is the pits. All you get out of it is sore muscles and the urge to eat more with no noticeable results. On the other hand, knowing how to build a workout routine into your life makes your training enjoyable … Read more

Woman doing cardio exercise for weight loss

What’s The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

There’s a lot of weight loss professionals taunting the idea that cardio is the best exercise when it comes to losing weight. And then, there are just as many people who have the opposite opinion, and completely dismiss cardio for weight loss? So, what is … Read more

Seniors enjoying low impact exercises

Low Impact Exercises to Keep Seniors Fit for Life

Staying active to keep fit is just as vital for seniors as anyone. But now we need exercises with minimal effect on worn joints and tired muscles. Traditional workouts at the gym can be too much, but low impact exercises keep seniors fit, healthy, active, … Read more