10 Medical Conditions That Exercise Helps

woman exercising to help a medical condition

The US public spends billions of dollars per year in the management of a wide variety of common diseases. While medications can and do help people with these conditions, many of the symptoms and circumstances can be helped with exercise. Exercising has many benefits, and … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Make Exercise A Habit?

woman making a habit of running for exercise

I doubt that it takes over 3 days to form a bad habit. But because exercise is such a healthy practice — plan on grinding your will power for about two months to make it routine. If you don’t find something you really enjoy about … Read more

What Does a Foam Roller Help With?

red foam roller on blue yoga mat

Foam rolling is nothing new, but not until recently has it become an item just about anywhere muscles are involved. You see them anyplace sports equipment is sold along with gyms, physical therapy clinics, and living room floors. Everyone from runners to office workers have … Read more

Best Foam Rollers for Muscle Pain and Soreness

woman with best foam roller under her back

If you know the aggravation of aching muscles and sharp spots in your shoulders and back, foam rollers can be a game-changer. If your legs are sore after a run, or playing sports, these devices will put the fun back in what you love. Work at a computer desk all day?

Best Home Cardio Workout Equipment

Man on best home cardio equipment exercise bike for workout

When it comes to fitness, better health, or burning calories for fast weight loss — cardio workouts at home are the answer. Exercising with your own cardio workout equipment anytime day or night comes with all the advantages of going to the gym, without a … Read more