Smooth vs Textured Foam Rollers-What’s the Difference?

woman explaining a textured foam roller for pain relief

Workouts, exercise, or sitting at a desk for long periods are just a few examples that leave you with stressed, tight and sore muscles. Mobility becomes limited as range of motion declines due to irritation and discomfort. You wonder if self-massaging with foam rollers will … Read more

Can You Really Change Your Body Shape?

5 body shapes changed from obese to slim

You can’t get around the fact that genetics plays a huge part in the shape of your body. But, there’s a good chance you can change your body shape with exercise. I’m not saying it’s easy or guaranteed, but regular exercise does wonders to all … Read more

What to Do After A Workout for Muscles to Grow?

man making protein shake for muscles to grow after a workout

One common question from people new to fitness and exercise is why they need a post-exercise routine in the first place. The norm is to spend a lot of time crafting the perfect workout routine for muscles to grow. But, you could be wasting your … Read more

How To Get Rid of Fatigue and Have More Energy?

Man with fatigue at work

As much as being tired and fatigued all the time sucks, it usually affects more than just yourself. Work performance, family, and relationships take a hit also. But, fatigue is a common issue these days with plenty of people wondering how to get rid of … Read more

What Does Regular Exercise Do For Your Brain?

cartoon image of brain with very muscular arms from exercise

You know it is important to move your body and get your heart rate up a few times a week, but what does exercise do for your brain? Both the American Heart Association and The American Diabetes Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per … Read more