Are Knee Sleeves Worth It

Are Knee Sleeves Worth It?

Knee sleeves are used with several end goals. They protect knees during the stress of twist and turns of active sports. They reduce the pain of arthritis (a lot) and they warm knees to aid in the healing of injuries. Most heavy weight lifters think … Read more

Woman who knows the best time to go running

What Is The Best Time To Go Running?

I wonder if all runners were on the same schedule if it would be more interesting? Maybe we could take over the streets if we all ran at the same time? Well, since that doesn’t seem to be happening, some people are wondering what’s the … Read more

Woman starting to run in rain wearing a rain coat

What to Wear When You Start Running?

Whether you are just starting to run or an accomplished athlete, the 3 most important considerations concerning what to wear are: Comfort, how it will affect your running, and how it will affect your body. If today is your very first day and the weather … Read more

people wearing knee sleeves to work and play

Do Knee Sleeves Work or Not?

Watch a game of pro basketball these days and you see many of the players wearing knee sleeves. Go to the gym and see people weight lifting with sleeves on both knees. Head over to the local walking track, and you see them. In fact, … Read more

man celebrating muscle growth from protein supplements

What You Need To Know About Protein and Muscle Growth

You need to know that more protein by itself isn’t likely to help your muscle growth. It takes regular workouts, weight training, and realizing how important overall nutrition is to building muscle. Proteins are made up of amino acids and control all sorts of processes … Read more

pie chart describing 4 major food groups for important nutrition to building muscle

How Important Is Nutrition to Building Muscle?

Everybody you talk to recommends various workout routines tо build muscles. However, if you’ve set high goals for yourself, workouts and training aren’t enough. Proper nutrition is as important to building muscle as the workouts themselves. Ignoring nutrition stalls the results, can leave you with … Read more