Side Stitch Treatment

Side Stitch Treatment For Runners

It won’t take long as a runner to learn about side stitches! If you don’t know already, side stitches are an intense, stabbing, and cutting pain in the lower part of your rib cage — usually on the right side. These “stitches” will definitely get … Read more

Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves Review

Bear KompleX Knee Sleeves Review

Bear Komplex Knee Sleeves are highly recommended for cross training, weightlifting, wrestling, basketball, squats, and other types of heavy lifting and exercises. Anytime you are considering purchasing sports equipment, it’s important to look for the best quality products.  That’s especially true when you’re choosing something … Read more

What Do Knee Sleeves Do

What Do Knee Sleeves Do?

Wondering if knee sleeves are for real or if they really do anything? Well, the truth is that knee sleeves can not only help prevent knee injuries, but they can also go a long way towards helping people walk on damaged knees. What Do Knee … Read more

Mava Sports Knee Sleeves Review

Mava Sports Knee Sleeves Review

No matter what your own workout routines are, knee sleeves can help provide additional support and avoid injuries to your most vulnerable joints — your knees!  One product that you might want to consider is the Mava Sports Knee Sleeves. They are recommended for both men … Read more

Knee Wraps vs Knee Sleeves

Knee Wraps vs Knee Sleeves

When you go to CrossFit and weightlifting gyms, one of the things that you will notice is that many of the athletes wear knee wraps or sleeves during their workouts. But, do you know why either are considered to be one of the most common … Read more

how tight should knee sleeves be

How Tight Should Knee Sleeves Be

It would be a contradiction of terms to think compression knee sleeves will not be tight—right?  You know right off that compression is applying pressure! So,  you’re looking for a general feeling of squeezing and tightness from your knee sleeves.  Knee sleeves will need to … Read more

how many days a week should you run

How Many Days A Week Should You Run?

To tell you the truth, how many days a week should you run is a custom fit question? It seems like an easy enough question to answer, but it all depends on your own experience and your end goal. To start with, if you’re new … Read more