How To Make Time To Exercise?

Can you make time to exercise

Research always proves that the most common excuse (worldwide) when it comes to exercise and working out is this: “I don’t have the time to exercise!”

The interesting thing about that is that most people who don’t exercise agree that it’s probably the best way to maintain good health and a state of fitness?

If you’ve found that you just don’t know how to make time to exercise in your busy life:

Maybe it’s time to start using high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises?

You don’t really need that much time for a workout with HIIT training protocols. 

In fact: all you need is about 2 minutes to warm up, and then about 15 minutes of exercise — 3 times a week.

And what’s more — believe it or not, this short time of exercise is proving to be the most effective way to do things like:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve overall health and fitness
  • Control high blood pressure
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Reduce blood sugar and improve insulin resistance

But, let’s face it: 

Even with HIIT, the masses are still using excuses that they simply can’t make time to exercise?

An hour a week could radically change your health and lifestyle, and you still can’t find the time?

Well, if you have the slightest desire to work exercise into your schedule, here’s a few places to start.

You’ll discover in this article 5 ways to locate small pockets of time for you to work 15 or 20 minutes of exercise into your daily routine.

Let’s see how you can find some spare time to exercise:

1. Get off social media

Turn off the computer, phone, and social media!

I know myself how addicting it is to waste away my time on social media.

And I also know that most people are shocked the first time they realize how much time they are spending doing absolutely nothing productive on a computer device.

The first thing millions of people around the world do when they wake up in the morning is to check their Facebook accounts with bleary eyes.

And it gets worse as the day goes on, right?

The truth is most of us are simply hooked on social media. 

Is it time for you to make a health related and lifestyle decision for your own life?

Face it: Exercise is more important to your life than social media!  If you believe that, I bet you could take 15 minutes out of that addiction 2-3 times a week for exercise — and miss nothing?

The answer is simple and easy:

Get your workout done first!

I can’t tell you how much better you are going to feel about yourself, knowing you just spent 15 minutes changing your health and clothes sizes.

Try it! You can thank me later.

2. Work out during your lunch break

Most people who get an hour lunch break spend 30 minutes of it wondering what to do?

If that’s you, try doing some exercise with HIIT for 10 -15 minutes. You may well be able to do it in your office, cubicle, or deserted stairwell?

Look, it’s simple to turn any exercise into HIIT exercises. 

In fact, there aren’t actual HIIT exercises? You merely learn how to workout very fast at a high intensity level for a few minutes.

Here’s a post to help you get started: HIIT For Beginners.

A set of burpees, jumping lunges and pushups will not require much space, and most people can find an out of the way place to do them for a few minutes. 

And for 10-15 minutes of exercise, you may not even need any special workout clothes? 

Unless, of course you make a quick trip to the gym, where we all like to look our best?

Check Out The Image For a Burpee Exercise

How to make time to exercise with burpees

Just one example of a Burpee exercise in the image that is simple to do and can be done most anywhere.

After doing this exercise a few times you’ll know the sequence and know how to speed it up to make it a HIIT workout. 

Think about this:

When you’re done with 15 sets, you’d have completed your workout for the day.

3 times a week! 15 minutes? I think you can make time, don’t you?

3. Delegate tasks

You’ll be amazed at how much time you free up when you delegate tasks.

You can either ask your spouse to help you with a few chores or pay someone to do it for you.

Don’t gasp yet.

Save it for the workout.

Paying a kid on vacation to mow your lawn will only set you back by a few bucks.

You could use that time to train.

The same applies to ordering a food delivery service that saves you time from cooking or using a laundry service, etc.

You don’t need to free up a lot of time. These workouts are short. So, you won’t be breaking the bank.

4. Ads waste your time

Record your TV shows so that you can ‘fast forward’ during the ads.

An average hour-long TV show is usually 45 minutes or less content and 15 minutes or more advertisements.

Make the time for exercise by simply recording your favorite TV shows while you’re working out. That way you won’t waste time sitting through the ads. 

You save 15-20 minutes by not watching ads and 15 minutes or less is all you need for a workout.

I think you can see that all it takes is a little imagination to find time to exercise?

5. Wake up earlier

Other than breaking the addiction to computer devices and social media, waking up earlier is my favorite way of making time for exercise.

The is the simplest method I know of to get your exercise over and done with before you know it.

Just try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal.

You can make it a great workout time by consuming 1/2 a glass of your favorite sports drink or protein bar to get started and raise your blood sugar level just a bit.

I love doing my own exercise at the beginning of the day because it:

  • Relieves me from trying to make time for it the rest of the day
  • Puts me in a great mood to start my day
  • Gets my metabolism up for the days events
  • Wakes me up 
  • Gets a calorie burn going on before breakfast and takes away any guilt of eating after my workout


I don’t know if you noticed or not that the in the first sentence of this article the word EXCUSE is used?

That’s right, the number one reason for not exercising is not having the time, and that is an excuse!

Here’s the thing:

Regular exercise is key to maintaining good health, and your best weight. 

The truth is: you probably already know how to make time to exercise, you may just need motivation?

One of the attractions to HIIT is that it only takes a few minutes 2 or 3 times a week to change your body, your health, and your weight. 

Tuning most any exercise into cardio for less than an hour a week is something you can find time to do.

“If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” – Ryan Blair

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