How Can I Curb My Appetite Naturally? 33 Real Suppressants

These 33 tips are real and proven to curb your appetite. Scanning through them will indicate that sometimes we need to change the way we think, and even play some mind games with ourselves. And then, you will see that some foods help suppress the urge for food while others increase cravings and appetite.

There’s a multitude of things that cause us to want to eat, some of them are built into our body, and some are outside influences. If you read the post about controlling your hunger at night, you will find this an extension of that information. Even though information alone will not curb your appetite, I find the knowledge naturally keeps me conscious of my goals.

Get Rid of Stressors

All of us have our particular stressors that cause us to pickup something to eat without any conscious knowledge that we probably shouldn’t. There are so many it would be impossible to list them, so you need to start thinking about what your own appetite stressors could be.

If you are really serious about seeing why you eat without thinking of what you’re doing, try keeping a food or eating journal. I wouldn’t make it a big deal; a cheap spiral notebook works fine. You will see further down the page that just remember what you ate during the day, and night, helps you stop eating unhealthy foods that make you fat.

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Control Hunger Hormones

Do you remember those hormones we talked about yesterday; ghrelin and leptin? There is research that indicates you can control the hunger hormones when you avoid high-fat foods.

Eating should send your brain and body signals that you are full. However, when you eat foods high in fat, the body seems to respond differently. It seems that fatty meals causes the body to demand more calories and will actually hold that fat instead of converting it to energy.

One way to keep this from happening to be sure you are including plenty of whole grains and proteins from lean meats, vegetables, and beans. The more vegetables and beans the more you help curb the effects of ghrelin.

Ditch Sugar

Sugar is the most atrocious villain of everything we eat. It’s highly addictive, puts food cravings over the top, and causes moods to swing like rollercoasters.

White sugar and all foods made with it should be severely limited or completely erased from your diet (in a near perfect world). There is really no way to suppress your appetite while ingesting sweets like cake, candy, juice most “health and energy bars” and more.

It’s almost impossible to eat any processed food without eating sugar. However, even if you aren’t cutting back on processed foods, start getting a grip on the junk you are eating to see for yourself how your appetite wanes.

Ditching sugar and eating healthy food will curb your appetite naturally.

Eat Protein

Eating protein is a good asset for your diet because it can cause you feel full for hours. And the time to start is with breakfast. Making protein a part of breakfast gets your diet started on the right foot.

There are weight loss studies that demonstrate that people who eat eggs for breakfast lose as much as 65% more weight than the people eating bagels. (go figure)

Soybeans have a longstanding reputation of being the best plant based food for curbing appetites. In fact, you can buy roasted soybeans and eat them for snacks that last. Other healthy proteins are salmon, legumes, lean chicken and turkey.

Slow Down And Chew Your Food

We get up late, swallow something on the way to the car, see how fast we can choke down lunch, and eat in front of the TV, all while we diddle with phone. It’s no wonder we don’t have time to chew properly. In fact, I don’t think most people ever know they aren’t really chewing their food?

What we need to remember is that simply slowing down to think about what we’re doing and chewing our food will help regulate the ghrelin and digest your food. Chewing food until it becomes liquid starts the digestion process regulates ghrelin, and boost the hormone cholecystokinin.

Learn how to chew each bite for 30 seconds to trigger all the right body responses to feel satisfied and full. recommends eating the proper amount of food at a meal, and no seconds for at least 30 minutes to allow your stomach to know you’ve already eaten.

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Get Away From Starchy Carbs

Starchy carbs are basically the same as eating that much sugar. And just like sugar, they raise blood sugar levels and create undue cravings for something else to eat — along with creating more fat stores and weight.

When you see white rice, pasta, and anything made from white flour you know that it’s highly processed. Highly processed means all the husk has been eliminated and left with nothing but carbs.

Opt instead for brown rice, quinoa, brown rice and other whole grain foods. Instead of depending on starchy carbs, learn to see them as a very irregular treat, and you’ll see your appetite fading naturally.

Drink Plenty of Water

If you are living day to day dehydrated you’re staying hungry and not knowing why.

Few people really drink enough water and hardly any of us realize we are living in a dehydrated state. The truth is that we need to ensure we are habitually drinking enough water to keep our body functioning at optimal levels 24/7.

Dehydration often disguises itself as hunger and abnormal appetite. Drinking water at the first signs of hunger will help you learn to tell the difference between hunger and dehydration. 

Make it a lifelong habit to drink water 15-30 minutes before eating anything, even a snack to put away food urges and stop overeating.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

According to the Mayo Clinic, everyone should drink 11.5 cups of water every day. That’s about 92 ounces, and not fluids, but water, in addition to having a drink any time you are thirsty. 

Be aware that alcohol causes dehydration, so if you drink alcohol be sure you are drinking enough water to keep your stomach from thinking it’s hungry.

Eat Cayenne Pepper Every Day

Believe it or not, some spices make excellent natural appetite suppressants. In fact black pepper, turmeric, dandelion, curry, cayenne pepper and cinnamon are good for keeping your appetite satisfied and reving up your metabolism at the same time. 

To go along with that, cayenne pepper with high carb foods, helps to increase fat burn. It’s got  lot more flavor than using black pepper, and a lot more health benefits. 

Brush Your Teeth More

Brushing your teeth is a little known secret that tricks your brain into thinking you just ate. Few people will crave more food after the taste of toothpaste, so it’s a suppressant in itself.

There’s actually another benefit: making it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal and every snack will soon make you aware that you are about to eat something. This awareness gives you a chance to think about if you really want to satisfy your tastebuds for more pounds.

Start brushing your teeth instead of reaching for something to eat, and the craving will leave immediately. 

Stop Skipping Meals

Unless you are purposely using intermittent fasting for weight loss, never skip meals. The most frequently skipped meal is breakfast, but it’s best to eat something healthy in the morning. 

Having even a small breakfast will help keep your hunger hormones and food cravings controlled all day.

Regular Exercise

You may think exercise will make you hungry, but the fact is that physical activity several times a week will decrease your hunger. The hunger hormones will decrease, leaving you feeling fuller longer.

Exercise at a gym, with your own home gym equipment, walking, running, sports, or any regular activity help reduce hunger and portion sizes. It will help you maintain a healthy weight, eat less, and feel good all the time. 

Change Your Inner Dialogue

This is absolutely the best way I know of to eat less, eat less often, and to start losing weight. Even though it takes a commitment and dedication to the process, not only does it work, but it works forever.

Try riding this folding exercise bike instead of eating to satisfy your cravings.

Change your inner dialogue (what you say to yourself that no one else hears) and it will literally change your mind. Any time you know you are craving food, or want to eat for any reason other than at meal time, say this to yourself: I only eat at meal time. Say it in your head, and when you can, say it outloud for even better results.

Increase Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 fats naturally increase leptin hormones which create the feelings of fullness and satisfaction with a meal.

I could write you a list of all the foods high in Omega-3 fats, but it would be a long list of cold water ocean fish. So, just add ocean fish to your diet to stay satisfied and help lose and maintain your best weight.

Get Enough Sleep

It doesn’t seem like sleep would have anything to do with your appetite, but adequate sleep is vital to appetite control.

It takes sleep to help regulate and keep in check the leptin and ghrelin hormones that help us know when to stop eating.

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding apple cider vinegar to your daily diet helps digestion. One tablespoon mixed in a glass of water twice a day will help control your cravings and hunger by keeping food in your stomach and fully processing it. 

ACV also helps control blood sugar spikes between meals. Most people do better taking it twice a day, rather than 2 tbs at once.

Eat Ginger Root

Ginger root has long been seen as a natural help to proper digestion. Most overweight people will see a definite decrease in food cravings when either eating it or drinking ginger tea. 

It will leave you feeling full and satisfied to keep you out of the cabinets between meals. A word of caution is that ginger root can leave you dehydrated and we already know dehydration is a leading cause of food cravings.

Check on Your Medications

Seems like everyone over 40 starts taking regular medications, and the older we get the more we take. 

The truth is though, many medications, no matter your age, can leave you wanting to eat between meals. About the only thing you can do is to check with your doctor, and be vigilant about using every technique in this list to curb your appetite.

Turn Off Electronic Devices

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that turning off your electronics prior to and during your meals will cut down insulin resistance, and cause you to have less hunger pangs.

Change Your Plate Color

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea that blue is a natural appetite suppressant? 

Turns out it is, along with the fact that orange, red, and yellow plates tend to make you eat even more. If you want to know how to stop raiding the refrigerator, try putting a blue light inside it.

Eat More Nuts

Forget peanuts, which aren’t nuts at all, and go for almonds. 

Almonds are full of protein, unsaturated fat, vitamin E, magnesium, and a lot of antioxidants. What eating a few almonds will do is to trick your stomach into thinking you just ate. Just remember that like everything else, moderation is the key.

Coffee Break

Coffee will leave you full. Not only can it suppress your appetite, but will boost your metabolism to keep you burning calories. 

However, drinking black coffee is the key. If you lace your coffee with sugar and creamers, then you are defeating the purpose. 

Use Smaller Plates

As silly as it looks, training yourself to eat off a saucer sized plate will do wonders. Not only will you eat less, but you will also train your brain and stomach not to expect so much.

Eating from a small plate is a great way to see your stomach shrink in no time, along with learning feel full sooner.

Dim the Lights When You Eat

Eating under dim lights will help you eat less. Believe it not, Cornell did a study and found that people eat up to 18% less when dimming the lights? 

Chew More Gum

Because chewing your food long enough sends a message to your brain that you should be full by now, chewing gum does the same thing.

When you chew gum, there’s few to no calories, but your brain will think you are eating. So, chewing gum is a great natural way to curb your appetite.

Scented Candles to the Rescue

Vanilla, peppermint, banana, and apple scented candles are reported to help deter the munchies. If you are aware of a particular time of the day that your appetite tries to get out of hand, try lighting a candle before hand.

Remember What You Ate

It’s been proven, by the University of Birmingham, that simply stopping to remember exactly what you have eaten that day has an affect on your appetite for snacks.

It seems that focusing enough on what you are eating and committing it to memory will help you kill the craving for treats.

Stop Eating Sugar

Sugar calls for more sugar. The best thing you could do for your weight, health, and food cravings is to stay away from sugar.

Sugar and sweeteners cause your insulin levels to spike and fall, always leaving your craving more. And that’s not to mention the other known health problems associated with sugar.

Drink Green Tea

Green teas are excellent for curbing those unwanted food and snack desires. Green tea will enhance metabolism that will also lessen food cravings.

Eat More Fiber

If you want to stay satisfied longe, eat more fiber. Fiber keeps your belly at work long and keeps you feeling full.

High fiber foods help control blood sugar which tends to decrease hunger and stomach growling. Add high fiber foods and fruits to your diet every day to keep a happy stomach.

Solid Food Keeps You Satisfied Longer

According to you’re better off eating solid food when it comes to satisfying your appetite. According to studies, eating solid foods and snacks keep you full longer and eating less at your next meal, that if you drink your snacks.

Magnesium supplements

If you have a problem with chocolate cravings, magnesium supplements can help combat them. Along with that, magnesium will improve sleep, help reduce fasting glucose and insulin, and relax you.

Creating Distractions

Creating a distraction is a great way to forget you are craving something to eat. Instead of reaching for something to eat, reach for a book, clean a closest, go for a walk, or anything you can think of to distract the urge to eat. 

Eat Healthy Food for Less Appetite

What about not ignoring your appetite and cravings, and just learn how to feed yourself healthy food. Instead of giving in to sweets and salty snacks keep a supply of raw veggies to munch on.


During a normal day there’s a good chance things besides real hunger is triggering your appetite and craving for something to eat.

Truth be told, feeling hungry is often the bodys way of sending signals that something else is going on with our body. There’s a lot of reasons we crave more to eat that don’t have anything at all with being hungry.

Learning how to identify what is causing your appetite can be the first step in curbing it. 


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