Common Sense Eating For Diets That Work

7 rules of common sense eating on vegetable background

There are a multitude of diets to choose from when it comes to losing weight. The problem is that precious few employ common sense eating techniques? So, we diet for a few weeks, see little or no results, and then go back to eating all … Read more

How Can Protein Help You Lose Weight?

raw meat and fish protein to help you lose weight

Protein is a vital nutrient for any healthy body and can also help you lose weight. In fact,  you should consider protein an essential ingredient to any weight loss plans. A protein rich diet will help you lose weight by providing adequate metabolism for energy … Read more

HIIT For Weight Loss

HIIT for weight loss equipment

If you’re serious about losing weight and changing your body for the long haul — using HIIT for weight loss is the answer. There are plenty of credible studies now to prove High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best forms of exercise to … Read more

Best Foods To Lose Weight

5 Best Foods To Lose Weight

Do this and stop the madness of dieting: Break the habit of eating food that added the excess pounds. Use the food, the 5 best foods to lose weight, I’ve listed in this post to: Drop pounds Look better Feel better Increase your energy levels Wear … Read more

What is HIIT Exercise?

what is hiit with men doing hiit exercises on spin bikes

HIIT is the abbreviation used for High Intensity Interval Training. You may also see this form of exercise called HIIE (high intensity intermittent exercise) or SIT (sprint interval training) and are all alluding to the same form of exercise. HIIT is a cardiovascular exercise that … Read more