I Need Motivation to Lose Weight Now

People riding bikes to lose weight

Don’t we all? If losing weight were easy we would all be slim, lean and healthy. But the fact is it’s hard to lose weight and most of us need a lot of motivation to see it through. Before we get into the meat of … Read more

Who Told You The Keto Diet is Bad for You?

Is The Keto Diet Bad for You

Are you astounded at the sheer numbers of obese people you see each day, or are you one of the population that thinks it is ok to be obese? If so, I got news for you: Obesity is not OK! To be honest, it’s not … Read more

How To Stop Overeating and Lose Weight

horse with muzzle learning how to stop eating and lose weight

It’s not easy, but you can learn how to stop overeating without a muzzle. The 10 tips below will help you lose weight naturally and stop craving unhealthy foods. I’ve used them myself to overcome the vicious habit of overeating and lose weight. I learned … Read more

Are Exercise Bikes Effective for Weight Loss

are exercise bikes effective for weight loss

The right exercise bikes can be ridiculously effective for weight loss at home or at the gym. They deliver a low impact form of exercise and are great for burning calories, increasing strength and toning your muscles. Depending on whether you exercise moderately or intensely, … Read more