Essential Running Gear For Beginners

Man running with essential running gear for beginners

Running is surely the oldest and most natural form of exercise? I’m guessing cave men and women managed with little running gear? However these days we really like to stay comfortable and safe. There’s plenty of items that bring running into the 21st century, but … Read more

Can Running Tone Your Body?

Can Running Tone Your Body

  Jill asked “Can running tone your body“? And the short answer to that is Yes! In fact, when it comes to toning your body — running could be your best answer. I’m sure you’ve seen people running or jogging and couldn’t help but notice … Read more

How To Increase Running Speed And Stamina

How to Increase Running Speed and Stamina

Runners in general run for a sense of freedom that’s hard to find in any other activity. And knowing how to increase running speed and stamina just makes it that much sweeter.  But running is tough, and when you’re running fast — it’s even tougher.  … Read more

How To Get Into Jogging

putting on my shoes to see how to get into jogging

Got the bug to start, but not sure how to get into jogging? Jogging is just like any other exercise or physical activity in that starting out right will produce far better results than getting into it on  a whim. How to Start Jogging You … Read more

Sore Muscles After Workout Remedy

Sore Muscles after workout remedy

I do not subscribe to the ‘No Pain-No Gain’ theory that we all hear beating in our heart during any serious workout. However,  there are times when we just can’t escape sore muscles after a workout and we need a remedy or remedies to help … Read more

Does Running Help Depression?

Running on walking track to help depression

  Does running help depression? If you’re depressed and not running, you need to get started right away. Even though I’m going to refer to running a lot, I’m not speaking of running races or seeing how fast you can run. Running for depression is … Read more

Running Outdoors vs Treadmill Running

running outdoors vs treadmill running with man running on treadmill

It’s easy to think running on a treadmill is the same as running outdoors, but is it really? Running outdoors vs Treadmill running is actually two different activities and this guide will help you decide which method is best for you. Running Outdoors versus Treadmill … Read more