are exercise bikes effective for weight loss

Are Exercise Bikes Effective for Weight Loss?

Exercise bikes provide low impact workouts that are highly effective for weight loss. You can find these stationary bikes in most gyms and are often the first piece of gym equipment people purchase for their home. There are recumbent exercise bikes that are closer to … Read more

people walking dogs in park to maintain their weight

What is the Key to Maintaining a Healthy Weight?

The key to maintaining a healthy weight is lifestyle changes that include diet and exercise. Making wise food choices and thinking of exercise as fun instead of work changes everything about your life. Sure, making the changes may feel like a drag for the first … Read more

icon image fat man on couch how much exercise to lose weight

How Much Exercise To Lose Weight

There‚Äôs no question that regular exercise along with a change in your diet is the way to lose weight and keep it off. And it’s hard to get around the fact that how much exercise to lose weight depends on what and how much you … Read more

Woman running in the morning for cardio to lose weight

Does Cardio in the Morning for Weight Loss Work Better?

Want to burn more fat? Morning cardio before breakfast may be a better way to exercise for weight loss. Discover how fasted cardio can melt the pounds away. Fasted cardio does what you’re trying to accomplish with your dieting: utilizes and burns fat cells for … Read more

feet on scales wondering why can't I lose any weight

Why Can’t I Lose Any Weight With My Dieting

Truth is millions of people everyday are wondering why they can’t lose any weight. I have collected the most obvious reasons to help you see why you struggle with weight loss. We’ve put together 18 possible reasons you’re having trouble losing weight. You’ll find 8 … Read more

People riding bikes to lose weight

I Need Motivation to Lose Weight Now

Some people find it easy to lose weight, but for others it seems impossible without a lot of motivation. These 8 no nonsense tips will help keep you motivated to turn away from the foods that get us overweight to start with. Motivation trumps will power and makes losing weight fun.