How To Select The Best Knee Sleeves For Running?

how to select the best knee sleeves for running to prevent knee injuries

Knee sleeves are an essential ingredient for keeping your knees safe and free from injury when running. Whether nursing an injured knee or taking steps to prevent one — you need information to select the best knee sleeves for running. This guide will help you … Read more

How To Choose The Right Knee Sleeve

Man seeing how to choose the right knee sleeve

  We’ve tried many of the available choices, and like most things in the world knee sleeves aren’t all created equal.  Use these 6 tips to ensure you are choosing the best knee sleeve for your needs. 1. Flexibility Flexibility of the sleeve itself is … Read more

What Causes Knee Pain?

blue image person wondering what causes knee pain

Here’s 3 common knee pain causes and strategies for relief, because there’s no one answer to what causes knee pain. Knees are not only the largest joints in the human body, but also the most easily injured. In fact knee pain is one of the most … Read more

Do Knee Sleeves Help Arthritis?

Do Knee Sleeves Help Arthritis

  As an active exercise enthusiast and participant — with arthritis in my knees — I would never dream of starting without my knee sleeves.  So, I wasn’t surprised when I was stopped on my local walking track and asked “Do knee sleeves help arthritis”? … Read more

How Are Knee Sleeves Supposed To Fit?

how are knee sleeves supposed to fit bear komplex fitting chart

If you’re new to knee sleeves, how they are supposed to fit can be a rather daunting question? The truth is that knee sleeves should fit super tight in some applications, and just snug enough to provide compression and warmth in others. The fit depends … Read more