Best Smartwatches With Heart Rate Monitor

Best Smart Watches With a Heart Rate Monitor

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast at the gym or you just need to keep up with what your heart is doing, a smartwatch with a heart rate monitor keeps you up to date. These fitness watches can help you keep track of your heart rate … Read more

Best Bluetooth Headphones For Sports

Best Sport Bluetooth Headphones

I always get the best workouts with Bluetooth Headphones. Endurance, performance and pure enjoyment always improve with sports activities with headphones and music in my ear.  Whether you listen to classical or Electronic Dance Music, you’ll find yourself playing or exercising harder and longer with … Read more

Best Protein Shaker Bottles

The Best Protein Shaker Bottles for 2019

The best protein shaker bottles were originally designed for mixing protein shakes. However, I learned with my very first shaker cup just how convenient and versatile they are for mixing all sorts of things, even in the kitchen. If you’ve ever mixed anything that started … Read more

icon image of iphone and fitbit what are the best wearable fitness tech gadgets

What Are The Best Wearable Fitness Tech Gadgets?

  Wearable fitness gadgets make exercise and staying healthy easier and more fun! Gadgets as a whole usually don’t last long, but fitness gadgets are so handy and such a part of modern living and technology — that they are here to stay. We’ve listed … Read more