Check Out These Best Phone Armbands for Running

woman running on beach with armband for phone

Are you still holding your phone with cords dangling while you are running or walking for exercise? Please, phone armbands are inexpensive and made for getting back to the joys of running. I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I love running … Read more

5 Best Running BackPacks and Where to Buy Them

runners wearing backpacks while running

Depending on where you are running and why the best answer may be to merely leave everything at home? On the other hand, some of us find running backpacks a luxury we don’t want to do without. ID, car keys, wallet, a bottle of water, … Read more

Smooth vs Textured Foam Rollers-What’s the Difference?

woman explaining a textured foam roller for pain relief

Workouts, exercise, or sitting at a desk for long periods are just a few examples that leave you with stressed, tight and sore muscles. Mobility becomes limited as range of motion declines due to irritation and discomfort. You wonder if self-massaging with foam rollers will … Read more

What Does a Foam Roller Help With?

red foam roller on blue yoga mat

Foam rolling is nothing new, but not until recently has it become an item just about anywhere muscles are involved. You see them anyplace sports equipment is sold along with gyms, physical therapy clinics, and living room floors. Everyone from runners to office workers have … Read more

Best Foam Rollers for Muscle Pain and Soreness

woman with best foam roller under her back

If you know the aggravation of aching muscles and sharp spots in your shoulders and back, foam rollers can be a game-changer. If your legs are sore after a run, or playing sports, these devices will put the fun back in what you love. Work at a computer desk all day?