Best Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Seniors practicing stretching exercises for seniors

We could bend over, touch somewhere close to our toes, play outside with the kids, and live with little or no pain.  But, we were younger then! Today we’re seniors with stiff and stubborn muscles and joints. Sooner or later, most seniors do find it … Read more

Balance Exercises For Seniors

Skateboard and helmet for Balance Exercises for Seniors

Seniors, more than anyone,  realize their lack of balance can be much more serious than an occasional misplaced step.    In fact, impaired balance Makes every part of life stressful, anxious, and even dangerous.  It’s easy for seniors to start losing their balance and falling … Read more

How To Motivate Myself To Exercise

pair of tennis shoes for how to motivate myself to exercise

Some days I’m fired up to exercise, some days it takes all the willpower and motivation I can muster to get it done. Without knowing how to motivate myself to exercise on those days, I probably wouldn’t exercise at all? Sometimes we just find ourselves … Read more

Essential Running Gear For Beginners

Man running with essential running gear for beginners

Running is surely the oldest and most natural form of exercise? I’m guessing cave men and women managed with little running gear? However these days we really like to stay comfortable and safe. There’s plenty of items that bring running into the 21st century, but … Read more

Does Walking Make Knee Arthritis Worse?

people walking with arthritis

Arthritis in a knee joint can make walking almost unbearable for sure. So it’s natural for the question “Does walking make knee arthritis worse” to come up, isn’t it? Your knee hurts when you put weight on it, move it, or try to walk to … Read more