Man hanging on rope for toning arms with bodyweight exercise

Using Body Weight to Tone Arms

The truth is you can tone your arms using simple body weight toning exercises. That means you can have great looking arms with easy workouts at home or in the gym. Most men favor more massive biceps and triceps, while women (bodybuilders excluded) generally like … Read more

What is the best way to build muscle mass

What Is The Best Way To Build Muscle Mass

If you want to know the best way to build muscle mass, then you’ll want to read this article. Discover what it takes to build muscle mass fast without wasting time and effort. Plenty of people workout and exercise with gym memberships. But the truth … Read more

how to gain muscle without getting fat

How To Gain Muscle Mass Without Getting Fat

You’re not by yourself if you are dreaming of a well toned and muscular body to be admired by all. If you are about to, or in the middle of muscling up, it’s important to know how to gain muscle mass without getting fat. You … Read more

woman doing resistance training and weight loss with dumbbells

Resistance Training and Weight Loss

Resistance training can be a powerful part of any weight loss plans. Seriously if you’re planning to lose weight, do yourself a favor and include some form of resistance training. Resistance Training Builds Lean Muscle For: Boosting your metabolic rate Turning on fat burn for … Read more

HIIT Upper Body Exercises

HIIT Upper Body Exercises

Incorporating HIIT upper body exercises into your regular exercise routines will do wonders for building and toning muscles in your arms, chest, back, etc. If you’re dieting, any HIIT exercises are the best way to promote fast and steady weight loss. However, if you’re lean … Read more

How often should you workout

How Often Should You Workout?

How often should you workout always depends on how active you’ve been up until now. It’s easy for most of us to start out with a zeal and create problems for ourselves.  However, doing too much too soon can lead to injury! But to tell … Read more

Are Knee Sleeves Good For Squatting?

Are you doing heavy squats? Are you thinking of your knees and wondering if knee sleeves are good for squatting? The question is a popular one and to be honest there may not be a one size fits all answer. Whether you’re asking about knee … Read more