Does Walking Make Knee Arthritis Worse?

people walking with arthritis

Arthritis in a knee joint can make walking almost unbearable for sure. So it’s natural for the question “Does walking make knee arthritis worse” to come up, isn’t it? Your knee hurts when you put weight on it, move it, or try to walk to … Read more

Can Running Tone Your Body?

Can Running Tone Your Body

  Jill asked “Can running tone your body“? And the short answer to that is Yes! In fact, when it comes to toning your body — running could be your best answer. I’m sure you’ve seen people running or jogging and couldn’t help but notice … Read more

HIIT For Weight Loss

HIIT for weight loss equipment

If you’re serious about losing weight and changing your body for the long haul — using HIIT for weight loss is the answer. There are plenty of credible studies now to prove High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best forms of exercise to … Read more

Are HIIT Workouts Effective?

Are HIIT Workouts Effective

High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are the most effective exercise for fat loss, boosting your stamina, toning your body and much more. All in record time! In fact, there’s no other exercise that compares with it. If your objective is to effectively increase the … Read more

How To Make Time To Exercise?

How to make time to exercise with phones and business

Research always proves that the most common excuse (worldwide) when it comes to exercise and working out is this: “I don’t have the time to exercise!” The interesting thing about that is that most people who don’t exercise agree that it’s probably the best way … Read more

Who Is HIIT Good For?

who is hiit good for

HIIT, also known as high intensity interval training is one of those terms being tossed around in the fitness industry in a pretty loose manner. But what’s the truth about this exercise and who is HIIT good for? There’s no doubt that this all out,  … Read more

HIIT for Beginners

woman doing knee highs for HIIT for beginners

When you come right down to it: most of us are beginners when it comes to HIIT. That makes it common for most people considering the addition of  high intensity interval training (HIIT) to their workouts to have questions. We want to know if it’s … Read more