Best Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Seniors practicing stretching exercises for seniors

We could bend over, touch somewhere close to our toes, play outside with the kids, and live with little or no pain.  But, we were younger then! Today we’re seniors with stiff and stubborn muscles and joints. Sooner or later, most seniors do find it … Read more

What Causes Knee Pain?

blue image person wondering what causes knee pain

Here’s 3 common knee pain causes and strategies for relief, because there’s no one answer to what causes knee pain. Knees are not only the largest joints in the human body, but also the most easily injured. In fact knee pain is one of the most … Read more

Balance Exercises For Seniors

Skateboard and helmet for Balance Exercises for Seniors

Seniors, more than anyone,  realize their lack of balance can be much more serious than an occasional misplaced step.    In fact, impaired balance Makes every part of life stressful, anxious, and even dangerous.  It’s easy for seniors to start losing their balance and falling … Read more

What Are The Best Foods To Eat Before A Workout

What Are The Best Foods To Eat Before A Workout

The last thing you want to to do is workout on an empty stomach! Your body needs fuel for what you’re about to put it through and some foods can cause problems while you’re exercising. But what are the best foods to eat before a … Read more