Best Supplements For Knee Pain

Bottle of Best Knee Pain SupplementsLooking for miracle cure supplements for your knee pain?

Sure you can purchase cheap Glucosamine or Chondroitin supplements and hope they help.

I don’t know about you, but generic type supplements never helped me with anything, much less my knees?

On the other hand,  when I found — Not Just Joints — all that changed.

That’s why I put together this review. To introduce you to the Best Supplements For Knee Pain  — I’ve ever found.


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Best Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement

not just for joints supplements for knee pain
The Best Supplements for Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Product Not Just Joints – from Xtendlife

Designed For: Healthy support of Joints, muscles, and connective tissue


  • Aides in comforting sore joints and related muscles
  • Sustains healthy cartilage for ease of mobility
  • Inflammation management

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Price: $42.50 USD / $38.25 Members price

Tablets per bottle: 90


  • Almost 100% positive reviews for pain relief
  • Thoroughly tested for effectiveness and purity
  • 365 day 100% refund guarantee
  • First class Email and phone support 


  • Cost more than supplements that don’t work
  • Not usually instant relief. Expect 1-2 months for full results  
  • The longer you take the product the better the results

How Not Just Joints Helps Painful Knees

These are the ingredients you’ll find in Not Just Joints that deliver real results:

—> Glucosamine.  Glucosamine sulfate is a chemical already present in our bodies. It’s in the synovial fluid surrounding joints and an important component of cartilage. Glucosamine also supports the elasticity of the connective tissue around your knees because it helps build tendons and ligaments.  

There are studies that show that supplementing with premium Glucosamine is as effective as acetaminophen, or TYLENOL for joint pain relief. The thing is though, pain killers do not have anything in them to nourish the cartilage in your knees – not just joints does. In fact, it is beneficial to the ongoing health of my joints.

Researchers believe that adding Glucosamine with supplements helps to increase the synovial fluid around the joints to help prevent further cartilage breakdown. Some even think it can help increase the cartilage?

—> Chondroitin.  Chondroitin sulfate is another naturally occuring substance in our bodies.  It’s essential to help the cartilage withstand natural compression to keep it resilient and is proven to be effective for pain management and is popular for managing pain, increasing joint mobility — which can effectively decrease pain killers.

Chondroitin is a component of cartilage that helps it to resist the compression that wears it away, but that’s not all. Chondroitin also helps with skin health and bladder function.

—> Methylsulfonylmethane.  Almost every animal research indicates some degree of joint decline and deterioration which means less pain. MSM not only aides in the function of your joints, but also supports tendons, ligaments, and faster recovery from exercise or any activities on sore knees. This ingredient sustains both flexibility and strength of all your joints. 

—> Green Lipped Mussels. Because inflammation is such a large part of knees and joint pain, it’s important to include ingredients that are know to manage it.  Not only does the Green Lipped Mussel powder have international recognition for managing inflammation, among many other benefits are breathing and digestion support.

I knew pretty quickly that these supplements were different than any others  I’d taken. And once I started learning about the ingredients in not just joints, I could understand why the pain relief was real and effective.

What Makes These “The Best Supplements”

—> Guarantee.  You and I both know we can buy supplements just about anywhere. But wouldn’t you agree it’s better to purchase from someone confident enough in their products to offer a full guarantee?

Xtend-Life guarantees that if you’re unhappy with their product you can claim a refund any time within a year.

—> Purity. We have the right to expect any supplement we take to be completely pure and free from any contaminants., don’t we? Of course we do, and that’s why I take Not Just Joints, or any other product from Xtend-Life. 

Because the company’s rigid standards includes comprehensive testing of every ingredient and product for purity, safety, and effectiveness, I use their solutions to my own joint problems with complete trust. 

Trusting that the product is free from contamination and genuinely effective — a must for taking supplements.

—> Uncompromising Quality. Listen, knee pain is real! When I buy supplements for long term relief, I must insist on the highest quality product in order to provide the best results possible.  For the best joint pain relief, the highest quality ingredients that undergo regular testing is a must.

Not Just Joints — depend on rigorous standards from raw ingredients to bottling,labeling, and shipping. 

—> Backed By Science.  Because Xtend-Life depends on extensive research and testing for ingredients, strength, impurities, harmful heavy metals, and more, we can trust that we get safe, pure, and effective products with every bottle.

Supplements You Can Trust

When a physician writes a prescription for medication, I naturally expect it to be high quality medicines with a high degree of regulations from the government.

However, there is precious little meaningful regulation with it comes to supplements sold in the US, and that’s why I have come to trust Xtend Life to provide the quality, purity, and safety that delivers real relief. 

The sad fact is that many of the supplements we purchase locally are not labeled accurately. Research has shown that the products actual ingredients vary from none to over what the label states. And some have different ingredients altogether?

Like all their products, NOT JUST JOINTS always provides an up to date Certificate of Analysis. This gives you the trust you need to expect real results when using dietary supplements for knee pain.

Don’t Take Knee Pain Sitting Down

To tell you the truth, I’ve wasted a lot of money and time on supplements from places like Walmart and Walgreens. Even after reading a lot about premium supplements offering better ingredients, testing, and just plain effectiveness — I just couldn’t get it through my head.

I continued to think that because the supplements I was buying locally didn’t work — none of them would really give me any pain relief.

Boy, was I wrong!

When I finally started using Xtend-life products on a regular basis, all of my opinions changed. 

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Even though the company has been producing the highest quality health and wellness products available for 20 years – it was only about 10 years ago that I first started using their supplements.

not just for joints supplements for knee pain
The Best Supplements for Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Listen, knee pain can seriously hamper every part of your daily life, routines, and lifestyle. It did mine!

Until I realized that low quality products simply would never provide the pain relief I needed.

Part of the problem with knee pain lies in the fact that it takes several moving parts to make the knee work correctly, including:

  • Cartilage
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons

That’s why you need supplements that address more than just joints.

I would highly recommend you give Not Just Joints a try.  In fact, here’s a link to read real reviews from real users who were also searching for the best supplements for knee pain.

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