Are Knee Sleeves Worth It?

Here’s the thing about your knees:

You seldom even notice you have them or think about how you would get along without them — until they’re causing problems.

Why Wear Knee Sleeves?

  • Injury prevention during athletic events and exercise of all sorts
  • Pain relief for sore and injured knees
  • For protecting  knees when doing squats and possibly add lifting capabilities
  • Adding proprioception, balance, and strength to knees
  • Make walking much more enjoyable with osteoarthritis
  • Added healing properties from increased blood flow and warmth

I say the question is not “whether or not knee sleeves are worth it?”

The real question is “Are Your Knees Worth It?”

Your knees are one of your most vulnerable joints to injury that you have.

That’s why there are more knee surgeries and knee replacement surgeries than any other joint each year.

Did you know that about one out of every twenty people in America over 50 has at least one artificial knee joint?

You have to wonder if knee sleeves would have been worth it to those people, don’t you?

You and I can probably agree that as long as our knees are working good with no pain, they’re the last thing on most people’s mind?

Knowing how vulnerable my own knees are to injury, makes me aware that they are indeed worth taking care of today.

Are Knee Sleeves Good For Squatting?

When it comes to weight lifting in the gym, knee sleeves of course are pretty useless for bench pressing.

However, doing squats is a motion that naturally grinds your knee joints and is responsible for all kinds of joint, muscle and tendon problems.

Of which most, if not all, can be avoided with the use of good knee sleeves.

If you’re doing squats, snatches, clean and jerks, on a regular basis, I’m pretty sure you are increasing the weight on a regular basis?

This added weight continues to make your knees more vulnerable to injury and long term damage workout after workout.

Face it: your knees were meant to carry your own weight. Because they weren’t really designed for the extreme pressure of squats, your knees need all the protection you can afford them.

Can I Lift More With Knee Sleeves?

If your question of worth is only comparing the dollar value of knee sleeves to the question of lifting more:

You will have to answer that for yourself?

You can read more about knee sleeves and squatting in this post.

1/2 the people you ask are going to assure you of a 1-2% weight gain, and the other half negate the entire worth of knee sleeves?

I say that the benefits to keeping healthy knees far outweighs the question of lifting advantage, but you decide this for yourself. And the only way to do that is with trial and error.

Are Knee Sleeves Good For Walking

Knee sleeves are great if you are experiencing some pain and soreness while you’re getting your daily walks for exercise.

What I notice is this: the majority of regular walkers are either overweight or over 50.

Check out my review of these sleeves that come highly recommended for walking and running with or without arthritis.

Who could deny that a $15 investment would be worth it to feel more comfortable and have better balance?

Are Knee Sleeves Worth It For Running?

Knee sleeves are designed for support, to stimulate blood flow to the joint and surrounding muscles and tendons, enhance balance, and keep the knee warm.

The compression of knee sleeves increases blood circulation which helps them warm up as you are beginning. This boost of circulation helps enhance your performance, alleviate pain, and reduce the normal shock to your knees during a run.

A common complaint of regular runners is “runner’s knee”. Even though the term is sort of a catch all phrase for sore, tired, or damaged knees, sleeves can have a positive effect on both prevention and healing.

The best thing you can do for “runner’s knee” is to prevent it, and knee sleeves go a long way toward prevention.

All too often knee pain is annoying enough to make runners stop running all together. Here’s 5 techniques for less knee pain from running.

Would knee sleeves had been worth a few dollars to avoid this?

Are Knee Sleeves Good For Basketball?

Are Knee Sleeves Worth It For BasketBallThere’s so much high intensity turning, twisting, jumping and running involved in basketball, that knee injuries are common place on the court.

Knee sleeves for basketball supply support both above and below your knee as it creates heat that helps to keep knee joints, muscles, that can increase your speed and flexibility.

But that’s not all knee sleeves for basketball do: They increase proprioception which is a vital advantage for basketball players.

Because we don’t wear these sleeves everyday, when we do put them on they allow much greater sense of where you knees are at all time. Proprioception keeps you in constant consciousness of where your knees are and what they’re doing.

Are your knees sore and aching after a basketball game? The price of knee sleeves could be a great solution and worth it.

You’ll need to be sure your knee sleeve fits correctly. Ruung down court with one hand on a knee sleeve to keep it from falling to your ankle is going to put you at a serious disadvantage.


Knee sleeves aren’t just a piece of material made to wrap around your knee and sell to someone.

Are knee sleeves just something to buy, or are they worth the money?

Whey you buy a name brand knee sleeve you can always count on it being designed specifically to add support and prevent injury to your knee.

They do this at the same time they are allowing freedom of movement so you have full use of your knees.

Due to the compression and added support they are great for protection from injury and providing real pain relief for sore and damaged knees.

Whether you’re involved with sports, regular exercise at the gym, walking, running, or need relief from arthritis, knee sleeves are worth it.


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