Are Knee Sleeves Good or Just Something To Buy?

Knee sleeves are more popular and easier to find than ever, but some people are still wondering if they are really good for anything?

To tell you the truth: I don’t think you’ll ever know without investing in a sleeve or pair of knee sleeves for yourself. And when you do, your knees will feel good you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

I use them myself, and wouldn’t be without them, either in the gym or when I walk or jog.  In fact, I have one knee with arthritis, and I would be severely limited without a knee sleeve anytime I’m going to be on my feet for extended periods of time.

Whether I’m on the track, running on the streets, bicycling, wearing out the treadmill, or walking around the mall — I owe it to my knees to take care of them.

After all, when your knees get down, your lifestyle takes a giant step backwards.

Are Knee Sleeves Good

Knee Sleeves vs Knee Braces

If you are new to knee sleeves, you’re wondering just what function they play, and if they actually work?

You probably should know up front that knee sleeves and knee braces are two different things — with two different uses.  Even though you’ll see the terms brace and sleeve used interchangeably, as if they are one in the same, they aren’t really.

Though they both provide support to knees:

  • Knee Braces come with hinged metal bars and are generally designed to greatly support and protect already damaged knees.
  • Knee sleeves are designed for support and protection for usable, uninjured knees, or slightly injured knees and are made of neoprene or various stretchable cloths.
Are knee sleeves good or knee braces
Knee Braces are for injured knees

What Are Knee Sleeves?

Knee sleeves are made to provide support to knees and protect them from future injuries. In the past most people wearing them were involved in some sort of exercise or athletic event. But they are quickly becoming more popular for people who merely like or need the added support and compression for worn and deteriorating knees.

They provide compression to increase blood flow in order to provide plenty of oxygen to sore, fatigued, and tired joints. The compression allows one to stay active on knees that otherwise would confine them to a chair or be quite painful with use.

Who Wears Knee Sleeves?

  • Weight lifters, body builders, gym enthusiast, and many people involved in sports lik neoprene sleeves. Neoprene stays flexible, wears good, adapts to a wide ranges of temperature while providing maximum support.
  • Even if you never play sports, exercise, or workout at a gym knee sleeves are great for anyone with arthritis, damaged, or weak knees. They provide excellent support and stability giving you a chance to be active again.

Partly because of the growing popularity, manufacturers and now producing a wide range of soft, comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear sleeves for people on the go.

Check out my knee sleeves reviews and see the different styles and uses.

Knee sleeves add compression

The compression helps to increase the blood flow which:

  • Warms
  • Aides in injury prevention
  • Reduces pain
  • Helps to heal injuries
  • Provides stability
  • Increases confidence

They are designed and manufactured to compress the knee and leg muscles above and below the joint. Before I started wearing sleeves on my knees I often wrapped them with ace bandages to get the compression effect.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to learn a better way that actually feels so comfortable I enjoy wearing them.

The effects of this gentle compression are felt both during and after exercise or performance. Slip them on anytime you will exert excess stress and pressure on your knees. There will be less pain and swelling and your knees will love you.

If you are exercising or participating in any sports activities that stress your knees they are invaluable for protection.

With my own arthritic knee, I don’t really feel in control of my leg or that joint when I’m exercising. However, with a knee sleeve I actually feel confident that my muscles and tendons aren’t “splaying” out in any direction they choose.

This gives me a feeling of stability and control as I move and apply motion to my knees, all of which is a result of compression from the sleeve.

* Note* This sense of lack of stability is not the same as actually lacking control and stability of your knee joint. If your knee actually lacks stability and proper function — have it examined by a professional immediately.

Knee Sleeves are for Any Activity That Add Stress to Your Knees

  • They’re great for exercising because they keep your knees aligned, add support, and gently warm to keep blood flowing to the area. Read more about how to choose a knee sleeve.
  • If you have pulled muscles or tendons and are able to continue on with your exercise they can help heal because of the increased blood flow.
  • Powerlifters use the thicker sleeves for added support and stability while dealing with insane amounts of weight.
  • Cyclers, basketball players, people into crossfit, soccer players protect their knees from injuries.
  • You’ll find knee Sleeves at most any athletic event that stresses the knee joints.
  • I wear a knee sleeve to stay active with a damaged and arthritic knee.

Getting the Right Fit

If you try to wear sleeves too loose, they won’t function properly, and you will hate them. You will hate loose sleeves because they will tend to slide down and be most uncomfortable.

How Are Knee Sleeves Supposed To Fit?

On the other hand, if you try to wear your sleeves too tight, they can cut off circulation and cause pain. The answer is simple enough really?

Just take the time to actually study the sizing and measurement chart that accompanies each brand name knee sleeve.

What Are Knee Sleeves Good For?

Knee Protection in Stressful Situations

Knee sleeves have the ability to protect your knees from extreme and excess stress and fatigue occurred during sports and athletic exercises. The compression aids in the prevention of common sports related injuries to the knees.

Here’s a few sports activities that can benefit:

Whether you’re already involved in rigorous exercise, or just starting out, knee sleeves can help you reduce trauma and give you confidence to fully exert yourself.

Knees With Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and affects millions of people, young and old. It’s actually a condition caused from normal wear and tear of joints leading to disappearance of cartilage in the joint.

Does Exercise Help Arthritis?

People everywhere are discovering the benefits of knee sleeves for arthritis these days. If you’re letting arthritis hold you back from the healthy exercise, or those trips to the mall you really want to make — sLeeves can help you get your lifestyle back.

Preventing Knee Injuries

Knee sleeves can help you get over some injuries as well as prevention in the first place. Runners knee is a common condition to runners that may be prevented by knee sleeves? With the continuous stress of running irritation happens in the location of the kneecap resting on t he thighbone.

Choosing the Best Knee Sleeves for Running made easy.

This pain might be sharp or dull, and may even disappear when you’re running, and then come back later. The general consensus is that it’s caused by poorly conditioned quads and hamstrings too tight. Strengthening your quads, stretching your hamstrings, and wearing the best knee sleeves are key to avoiding running injuries.

Keeping Your Knees Warm

If you’ve experienced any knee injuries in the past, you probably know how the cold affects them now. Wearing knee sleeves during the winter is great for adding warmth to your leg and keeping the joints lubricated and feeling strong.

As a primary function, warming your knees couldn’t be easier or more productive with knee sleeves as you keep the blood flowing to your joints.


Knee sleeves offer powerful stabilization features as they protect your knees when you’re injured, and prevent injuries from happening. Compression provides healing warmth and helps ensure great blood and oxygen flow helping you feel more controlled and stable.

Of course everyone who’s ever tried them, won’t have the same opinion of knee sleeves, but most people who try them swear by them and say their knees feel good with them.

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