SportSkilz can be a little misleading, can’t it? What we we really do here is write about staying health and fit with exercise and the best nutrition. Our desire is to be your one stop site for all your fitness questions, and product reviews. An online experience to help you build the best health, fitness, exercise, and diet experience is our goal.

I’ve been a health nut and exercise junkie most all my adult life and I never stop talking about how fitness, exercise, and good health go hand in hand. My love for exercise, good eating, and health makes this site a natural place for me to share it with you.

I’m glad to bring all the information I have and can find about staying fit and healthy, building muscle, running, walking, losing and maintaining a healthy weight. And I’m glad to be able to share it with other people who are like minded.

Along the way, I’ve discovered so many great products and fitness and health ideas that I want to share some of my journey and information with you. That’s my job and my responsibility! Bringing you up-to-date information and product reviews you can trust and rely on, and I take your best interest seriously.

We share what we learn as we continue to live the fitness life and learning more every day. We’ll keep sharing the products, tools, and ideas that seem to provide the best results and make exercise and staying healthy fun.

The primary objective is first and foremost to help you find the information and products that fit your needs, desires, and budget. We do extensive research before publishing any information on this website so that we remain trustworthy to all who visit.  We compile buyer’s guides to help guide you through your own decision-making process for you to compare several options and get clear ideas about the products.

Hopefully, some of the information we share will help and inspire you to make good health and exercise a priority as well as making informed buying decisions.